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Child Growth and Development

At Savera Child Clinic, every child’s weight, height, and in the case of small children, head circumference is recorded. We will send the child growth parameters to you. Serial measurements will allow parents to determine whether their child is growing appropriately. Dietary advice will also be provided. 

Pediatricians face a growing problem of overweight and obesity among adolescents. There are between 9% and 28% of Indian children who are overweight, and there are between 1 and 13% who are obese. These children are more likely to develop heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, bone and joint diseases in adulthood if their BMI is higher than the 85th and 95th percentiles for that age and sex.

Savera Child Clinic uses non-stretchable tapes and age-appropriate growth charts for accurate weight and height measurements. It is important to identify excess weight gain as early as possible. Genetic, environmental, and other risk factors for obesity are examined, and prevention advice is given. BMI should be monitored regularly. The family should also be educated about the dangers of obesity. After this, advice is provided on how to lose body weight and how to eat.


Dr. Supriya Rastogi is an expert in supporting and guiding parents through their child’s growth and development. Parent-child counseling is highly effective in resolving problems between parents and children. Through the assistance of our efficient pediatrician Dr. Supriya Rastogi at Savera Child Clinic, parents can gain the happiness of becoming better parents. In addition to treating our patients, Savera Child Clinic also strives to make their lives as beautiful as possible. We believe that children deserve the best possible health care, which is why we not only provide good care but also train parents to treat their children correctly.

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