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Level III NICU/Level 3 NICU

A level 3 NICU, or level III NICU, is a neonatal intensive care unit that can handle very small or very sick newborns. Infants born less than 32 weeks gestational age and weighing less than 1500 grams (53 ounces or 3.3 pounds), as well as critically ill newborns of any gestational age and birth weight, need to be cared for in a level III NICU.

In Savera Child Clinic, we have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for treating high-risk babies. The NICU is a separate isolated unit with adequate space to isolate the babies from each other and from their relatives and other patients. The NICU is kept clean and free of any source of infection like an operation theatre. 

 In the N.I.C.U., the babies are kept apart from each other, as well as from their family members and other patients. All precautions have been taken to keep the NICU clean and away from any source of infection. 

Generally, babies who need to be admitted to the unit are admitted within the first 24 hours after birth. Most often, premature babies, babies with low and very low birth weights, babies with congenital conditions, and babies with complications such as meconium aspiration or respiratory diseases are admitted to the NICU.

Our goal at Savera Child Clinic is to ensure that your baby receives the best possible care. We offer a state-of-the-art Level III NICU facility, equipped with advanced monitoring equipment and incubators with features to ensure the safety of your baby. 


NICUs have a central supply of oxygen and four incubators – radiant warmers with all the latest technology attached. The infected newborn is also kept in an incubator in a separate room. The institution has various equipment needed in the NICU, such as phototherapy units, infusion pumps, digital weighing scales, suction apparatus, etc. Various monitors are also available, such as pulse oximeters, apnoea monitors, and cardioscopes.


NICU babies are under the care of Dr. Supriya Rastogi, who is on call 24/7. In the NICU, mothers should continue bonding with their babies and express breast milk if possible. Even after a mother and baby are discharged from Savera Child Clinic, the caregiving process continues. The Savera Child Clinic strives to provide you and your baby with the highest quality healthcare. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. You may be faced with preterm birth or illness for your baby. The Level III NICU at Savera Child Clinic is an ultramodern facility, fully equipped to handle children in need of special care.

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