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Bathing an Infant: Tips to Make Life Easier for New Moms

Best Pediatrician in Faridabad provides the tips for Bathing an Infant

Bathing a newborn is basically one of the toughest duties in the initial months that becomes more of a fun playtime later on. It is a fact that babies do not get dirty easily as they are kept with good care and covered most times. Is immersive bath necessary and if so when does one start giving their baby a tub bath? All these are common FAQs and you can get the answers from your doctor if need be. It’s usually advised to start after the umbilical cord falls off, says Dr. Supriya Rastogi, the best pedatrician in Faridabad.

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And now that you get to the bath time, here are some tips that are supposed to help you with it:

  • Using a gentle baby cleanser in bath water:  There might be a common misconception where most mothers are afraid to use chemical or cosmetic bathroom products on the child’s skin as they believe it might cause complications. So, they opt for just water cleansing. While it’s somewhat true, only water cleansing isn’t enough too. There are fat-soluble impurities that are left behind diapers or clothes, and a baby specific cleanser can help get it off. Ask your doctor to recommend the brand if you have doubts. Also, chlorinated water can cause irritation and redness in the skin.

  • If your baby screams during bath time you might be doing something wrong. Check the temperature of the water, it might be too hot or too cold.

  • Infants drown very easily in shallow waters. Never leave them alone in baths. Never leave their siblings to supervise. It is best to turn off your phone so that you don’t get distracted.

  • By now you must be aware of using the one arm to support your baby’s back, neck, and head. Well while bathing your child, do not let go of that one arm and use the other arm to bathe.

  • Cleaning the genitals is important. Use a clean and moistened cotton ball.

  • Know to test rub soaps. Before using a bar of soap for the first time apply it on a little part and observe if there is any irritation or redness in the area due to it. If there is, try a different soap.

  • Consider using fewer baby products on the infant as it might mask the natural body odour and mothers. Also, it might irritate the child and some are even allergic to perfumes at that age.

  • For reluctant babies, try spot cleaning as it is a quick way to get the baby clean without much fuss. Clean the dirty areas with a washcloth.

  • Bathing is fun, but it is also something you need to get used to. If you do not feel 100% confident holding the baby wet or feel that you might lose grip, its best to first start off in the presence of someone who can help. Never shy away from asking help for your baby’s safety.

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Well at the end of the day, its still bath time and not rocket science so you go ahead and do what you think is best for your child, and in whatever way your baby likes it. We think these tips will surely help make the session better and more hassle-free. Wishing you all the best!

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