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What to do when your child refuses to try new foods while weaning?

Best Pediatrician in Faridabad explains What to do when your child refuses to try new foods while weaning

It can be normal for children to be picky eaters, especially during the weaning process. Explore reasons and solutions when baby refuse new foods in this informative article. Discover expert advice and practical tips to help encourage healthy eating habits in infants and toddlers.

Here are some pediatrician recommended tips from Dr. Supriya Rastogi to encourage your child to try new foods and ensure your child develops a happy relationship with food!

  1. Lead by example: Children are more likely to try new foods if they see others around them enjoying them.
  2. Introduce new foods gradually: Offer new foods one at a time, and be patient as your child gets used to them.
  3. Make mealtime fun: Encourage your child to play with their food, for example, by dipping it in different sauces or arranging it on the plate to make it look appealing.
  4. Be persistent: Keep offering new foods, even if your child refuses them at first. It can take up to 10-15 exposures before a child will try a new food.
  5. Get your child involved: Let your child help with meal preparation and grocery shopping, this can increase their excitement and willingness to try new foods.
  6. Avoid making mealtime a battle: Don’t force your child to eat new foods or make mealtime a stressful experience. Instead, offer a variety of healthy options and let them decide what they want to eat.
  7. Offer a variety of textures and flavors: Offer a mix of foods with different textures and flavors to keep mealtime interesting.

Remember, it is normal for children to have food preferences, and it is important to respect their choices and encourage a positive relationship with food.

In conclusion, navigating the journey of introducing new foods to babies can be challenging yet rewarding. It’s important for parents to approach this process with patience and persistence, understanding that each child develops their preferences at their own pace. By offering a variety of nutritious options, maintaining a positive feeding environment, and seeking guidance from pediatricians like those at Savera Child Clinic in Faridabad, parents can help foster healthy eating habits that support their child’s growth and development. Remember, every small step towards expanding your baby’s palate is a valuable part of their nutritional journey.

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