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Why is it Important To Have High Quality Child Care?

Whether you care for your child yourself or rely on help from help from friends, other members of the family or a nanny, the quality of care and interaction that your child engages in will stay with the child for a lifetime. Children are very impressionable; thus, it is important that your child receives a high quality child care. Listed below are some reasons why quality child care is extremely important.

Brain Development

The early years of the child from birth to age 3 are crucial ages for healthy brain development. The number and quality of adult-child connections a child receives in the early years is very important to normal brain development. These interactions may seem like tiny gestures but they shape the way your child thinks, feels, acts and connects with others. This experience also in turn affects how well your child does in school.  

School Readiness

A child’s experience with a child care provider can affect their speech development and social behavior. Some studies show that children who receive quality child care perform better in school and are better prepared for reading and math. They also have heightened curiosity and are better in regards of communication and problem solving. They also have better self esteem.  


Reduced Stress

When your child receives a safe, loving and stimulating child care it also effectively reduce the amount of stress it has on the baby and the mother. Knowing that your child is getting the kind of care they require need to be healthy, happy, and successfulcan take a weight off your shoulders.

Everyone Benefits

Children are the pillars of our future, so children who receive quality child care can go on to become a fruitful member of the society. Society, children, families, employers, communities and the entire nation as a whole benefits from high quality child care. Fostering a healthy, successful, future member of the workforce can be beneficial to everyone’s well-being.

Bright Future and Beyond

Children who receive quality child care are more likely to develop social and learning skills at a younger age in comparison. Children use this skills to build and maintain better relationships with their parents, other children their age and adults. These are the skills that the children carry over into adulthood and acts as tools and guidelines for them to navigate life as an adult.

Dr. Supriya Rastogi is one of the best pediatricians in Faridabad who has garnered a high reputation for her high quality child care practices. She specializes in newborn, child & adolescent care and deals in child health issues with utmost compassion and care.

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