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Important tips to take care of your newborn in winters

Winter Care Tips for Newborns

Winter Care Tips for Newborns


Drop in the temperature increases the risk of seasonal cold, flu and infection. No matter how healthy you are or how strong your immune system is, you cannot completely rule out the possibility of falling ill in this season. Adults can still fight the cold and harsh weather, but to sail through these three long winters months are much more challenging for newborns. Due to an underdeveloped immune system, they are more prone to infections and seasonal flu. Besides, their skin is extremely soft, which increases the risk of dermatitis and rashes. So, it is important to take extra care of your baby in winters. Even if they are indoors all the time there are a few things rules you must follow to keep them healthy and safe. In this article, learn essential winter care tips for newborns to keep them warm and healthy.




Cleaning and bathing are important to maintain hygiene. In winters bathe your baby with lukewarm water on alternate days. On other days just take a wet towel and wipe their body before changing the clothes. This will reduce the risk of illness and will help to retain the moisture of the skin.




Cold and dry air in winters sucks away all the moisture from babies skin, making them dry and flaky. To keep the skin moisturised you need to massage your baby at least 2 times a day in winters. Oil is absorbed in the deepest tissue of the body and keeps them moisturised. Oiling also makes the bones of the baby stronger. You can use warm mustard or coconut oil to massage your baby in winters.


Spend some time in the Sun


Sunlight is the greatest source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for stronger bones and boosting immunity. After changing the clothes or giving a bath to your baby, spend some time with her in the Sun. The sunlight is also believed to kill germs and provide warmth to the baby’s body.


Dress your baby in layers


Always dress newborns in layers. This will help you to keep them warm as per the change in the temperature. The bottom layer can be snug, on top of that you can add pants and a long sleeve shirt and then the last layer of jacket, cap, and warm booties. Always buy breathable clothes for babies and never forget to cover their head.


Avoid heavy blanket


Covering your baby in a heavy blanket during winters might seem like a fair idea, but trust us it is not. A heavy blanket will indeed keep them warm, but can also make them uncomfortable and they will face difficulty in moving their arms and legs under it. It is always suggested to use a light blanket and keep the room temperature optimal.




Winter is a season of diseases and the best way to protect your newborn is by getting them vaccinated. Make sure you follow their vaccine schedules strictly, without skipping or missing any of them. Also, if you are sick, try to stay away from the baby. Their immune system is extremely weak and even a little bit of carelessness can be harmful.


Dr. Supriya Rastogi offers expert winter care tips for newborns, ensuring your baby stays warm and healthy during the cold months. Follow her practical advice to protect your little one and promote their well-being all winter long.

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